People are Talking…

I worked with Megan Pesce on our most recent home “redecoration”. She had brilliant ideas and out of the box thinking about our space. We love the end result and have received so many compliments!

Meg B. Acton, MA

We spent months planning and executing a major kitchen remodel, agonizing over the choices of cabinets, flooring, countertops, drawer pulls….when it came to the final step of choosing paint colors for the walls and new island, we didn’t know where to start! Megan professionally assessed our tastes and goals and chose rich colors that complement our new kitchen and blend seamlessly with the rest of our home. We are thrilled with the results and have received many complements!

Rebecca B. Shrewsbury, MA

Megan has a keen eye for design and space. Her fantastic sense of style and flow meets with her clients’ needs to create the perfect interior solution for your home. Hi-ya MK for your own Design Do-Ovah!

Barrett F. West Hollywood, CA

My living room is a “before.” In fact, I think it would win any reality make over competition. It is not a large room but is currently home to our piano, home office and train table. Every time I think about “fixing” the room, I become completely paralyzed and overwhelmed. Megan came over and within one hour, she showed us how to use our existing furniture and a few inexpensive pieces to make it into a room that is not only appealing but functional…keeping the home office, piano and train table!!! With Megan’s help, we are turning an eyesore into a showcase.

Amy W. Wakefield, MA

The thought of hiring an interior designer always frightened me….until I met Megan, owner of MK Designs. Besides how talented she is, she has an energy that makes you want to be around her. Her concepts are for all price points and she can help you come up with inexpensive ways to make a quick and easy change (like simply painting the trim of a door!). I’d also like to share that she really listens to her clients…she offered us great tips that not only enhanced our space but also our lifestyle. Thank you MK, a friend and designer for life!

DJL Littleton, MA

After having used my sunroom as a playroom for the last 6 years, I wanted to make it a comfortable place for adult entertaining while maintaining its family friendly purpose. The “do-ovah” was just what I was looking for. I spent two hours with Megan as she listened to my needs and ideas. Together we came up with a floor plan for furniture, picked out a wall color, decided on flooring and determined what would work best for window treatments. We even discussed dimensions for the furniture and artwork for the walls. 

I came away with all of the information I needed to start shopping! It was just the motivation I needed and I know I can call Megan if I have any future design dilemmas.

Debbie M. Acton, MA

I was one of Megan’s first official “Do-ovah” clients. I called Megan because I wanted to do a low(er) budget redesign of my bedroom. Going in to our meeting, I had a general idea of what I didn’t want and what I did like, but it was Megan who put the pieces together for me. She listened carefully and while she worked within the framework of the guidelines I had set, she also pushed my boundaries and made some smart and savvy suggestions. We covered colors, textures, furniture and accents. In fact, my favorite accents in our room today were inspirations from Megan’s plan.

What I appreciated most about the time that I spent with Megan is that she didn’t waste any of it! From the moment she entered the room to (literally) as she was packing up and walking out the door, we were talking through different ideas and ways I could create a space that I would love. She even popped over one night when the carpet folks were at our house to give me an “on the fly” opinion on the carpet samples I was deciding between.

If you are looking to make some realistic changes to your space, Megan is your gal! Thank you Do-ovah queen! Listen for the phone, because I’m calling you soon for help on my office!

Mira G. Acton, MA

My two roommates and I moved into a quaint 3-Bedroom Spanish Colonial and had no idea what to do. It’s tough to combine three different design opinions into one consistent decorating theme that works. On top of that, none of us had any furniture for the common areas so everything needed to be purchased. After becoming overwhelmed by all the options, a consultation with Megan was all we needed to send us down the right path. Not only did she help coordinate a paint color palate for each room in the house, but Megan also inspired us with fun ideas like painting our kitchen ceiling instead of wasting time covering all the walls. From shower curtains to decorative pillows and chalkboard walls to the flow of our living room, Megan was there every step of the way to guide us. If you are looking to just makeover for a room or need to furnish an entire house, there is nobody better than MK Design.

Michael, Peter & Jessie Los Angeles, CA

There can be emotion involved with changing your space. Sure, budget or “not enough time” comes up too, but what I loved so much about working with Megan and MK Design is that she really listened to me and then encouraged me to make changes and bold choices that I would have been too afraid to make on my own. Through color (paint consult) and an awesome do-ovah, Megan transformed my space into one that I LOVE! Her passion, creativity and discerning taste combined with her no-nonsense, unpretentious way of working puts using MK Design on the must list for home/decorating improvement.

Hunter, New York, NY