A Little Love Song

It’s party time again!  Time to share an event I’m working on that I just LOVE!  I heart Valentine’s Day, and for this post I’m going to show you a super easy craft idea I used to decorate a mantel.

I’m always thinking about the budget when I’m decorating for an event, so of course I head to the dollar store to start my shopping!  For this project I picked up some wooden letters, a canvas, and some spray paint.

I laid the letters on the canvas and went wild with the spray paint!  (OK…not really wild…but rather three light coats)

And then it looked like THIS!  Once the paint is dry you can pick up the letters.  Great thing is, this craft is like two in one, as I used the pink “LOVE” letters to decorate a different area of the room.

So, maybe there was some truth to going “wild” with the spray…cauz you can see how some of the letters look a little fuzzy.  Well, if your wooden letters have staples in the back, take them OUT before you spray paint, or your end up with teeny bits of paint under certain areas of your letter.  (Clearly, there was no staple on the back on the V)  But I’m crafty, I can fix it, so I came up with another plan that I loved even more than the first.  I decided to call this piece “Love Song” and Modge Podged my way out.  Happy accidents are my favorite!

I popped open the piano bench and dusted off some of my favorite tunes.  (See Mom…I can still read music!)  Don’t worry, I didn’t wreck the book, I made photo copies.

I traced and cut out the letters, well most of the letters, I thought it looked pretty to leave my perfectly painted one white!  I worked some decoupage magic and it was done.  So simple and so pretty!

I hope cupid finds his way to your home this year!

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