Ruffle Things Up!

I am aways looking for new ways to spruce up one of our many Christmas trees.  In the basement we have a Disney themed tree (with, you guessed it, Tinkerbell at the top)  This is, by far, the tree my kids enjoy decorating the most!  They get free reign to decorate it however they want (which usually means that all the ornaments are clustered to one section close to the bottom, but not this year, my 7 year old finally figured it out and undecorated behind my 4 year old)  and when they are done, I come in and add some decorative ribbon around the tree.  This year I discovered a fabulous new trick with the help of Sarah from Ace Hardware in Acton – RUFFLED RIBBON!

It’s such a simple way to spruce up your tree and add another dimension to your decorating.  Start by unraveling an entire roll of wired ribbon and find the center point. (My sister-in-law’s dog Tia was clearly a huge help!)

Holding the wire on one side of the ribbon begin pushing the ribbon along the wire toward the center point.

As you move along, the ribbon will become tighter to push in, so you will need to go toward the center point and start pulling it out until you reach the desired size of your ruffle.  Once you have reached the center point, start on the outside edge of the same side and work your way back (pushing and puling) to the center until you have created a full ruffle along the entire length of ribbon.

As you get closer to the end you may find yourself lost in a sea of ruffles.  I found it easier to judge the look of my ruffle by tying one end to a doorknob at this point.

You’ll be left with a whole lotta wire at the ends of your ribbon…I just made a little knot and snipped off the rest.  Once it is complete, start from the top and wrap it around your whole tree!

I’d love to see new ways you might be sprucing up your tree this year!  Please share some of your photos while you are having fun Decking the Halls!

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